Silver Skates

Wynter by Mia Harlan

I’m Zoe Wynter, the best magical maid in town, and rumor has it I’m about to go to jail.

Ember by Hanleigh Bradley

I should be the world champion, but fate always conspires against me. I think I need a beer!

Ember: Outfoxed by Hanleigh Bradley

When a skulk of Kitsunes comes to town, things are going to start heating up!

Neve by Helen Scott

When I’m dropped off in a little podunk town called Silver Springs under orders from my jerk of a father to turn their human newspaper from a money pit into a profitable business I want to scream. 

Kari by Elena Gray

House sitting was supposed to be easy and fun. Instead, someone’s playing tricks on me and I keep ending up in strange places with hot guys. 

Storm by Eva Delaney

My mates shift into dicks, throw their cocks around, lie to grow their penises… and raise hamburgers from the dead. I’m Storm, and my life has turned into a sausage party just when I need to save Silver Springs.

Eirwen by Jewels Arthur

I want lose my virtue. Have my cherry popped. Get bedded. Bump uglies. Whatever it is you humans call it.

Eirlys by Jenn D. Young

I crashed into Silver Springs fifteen years ago—literally crashed. The only reason I survived is by the kindness of a passing vampire who turned me. Now I live in a town filled with vampires, demons, angels and even shifters that turn into dildos. What the hell did I get myself into?

Cider by Aspen Black

What do Jack Frost, an ancient silver haired vampire, and a goat shifter all have in common? This girl. Right here. 

Frostine by J.E. Cluney

I moved to Silver Springs to enjoy a quiet life away from my family who wished for me to take mates of their choosing.
Sadly, there’s no running from my family and tradition.

Peppermint by Cali Mann

My men are trapped in the underworld and all I’ve got is a pair of ice skates and a letter.

Candela by J.R. Thorn

What do a firefighter, a Fire Fae, and a husky shifter have in common? They all want a bite of Candela’s cupcake…

Misty by Tabitha Barret

I date emotionally unavailable guys. You heard me right. Give me the guys who are just looking for a good time or the ones who say they love you and ghost you the next day. I date them all. Why, you ask? So I won’t fall in love with them.

Iclyn by Melissa Adams

Blacklisted in all of Hollywood, I need a job and a place to stay. Maybe my luck is about to change as I get hired as the official photographer for the Silver Springs On Ice beauty pageant. 

Aurora by M.J. Marstens

Silver Springs is a cult—and I’m going to find out who’s serving the Kool-Aid. What I don’t expect to find is love.

Lumi by Crystal North

Life for Lumi is tough but she’s not complaining. She’s a single mom in a new town (country!) and she’s trying to make friends, launch her own business, and deal with whatever powers her daughter is sure to emerge with any day now.

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