Solar Mates

Saturn by Mia Harlan and Hanleigh Bradley

The only men I’ve ever wanted are Slash, Ajax, and Draikh. There’s just one catch. They’re three famous rock stars, and they don’t know I exist.

Venus by Mia Harlan and Hanleigh Bradley

My memory loss is so bad I can’t remember half the stuff I’ve done. So how am I supposed to make one relationship work—let alone three?

Jupiter by Tabitha Barret

Good luck hounds me like a bad hangover, but love has never been in the cards for me.

Mars by Elena Gray and Cali Mann

My whole life, I’ve been a goddess on the run—from my family, from my birthright, from my brother. Until a fateful concert in Silver Springs, when I accidentally call on my ancient protectors and the warrior spirits body snatch some humans.

Mercury by Allyson Lindt and TB Mann

A night out at a concert to relax gives me more than I bargained for–intoxicating music and three silver foxes who teach me more in one night than I’ve ever experienced in the bedroom. I’ve got it made. Then I meet my bosses… 

Uranus by Eva Delaney and Jewels Arthur

I’m Uranus, and I’m the best. Whether it’s baseball or boning, there’s no way I’m letting anyone else get on top. My game, my rules.

Neptune by Mia Harlan and Hanleigh Bradley

I’ve spent my life running from the three men I’m destined for. But now fate has finally caught up to me.

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