Moonlit Falls

Moonlit Nephrite by Eva Delaney and Mia Harlan

My ex said I was a failure. I proved him wrong by opening a magical cafe. When it might get shut down, can my four fated mates help save it?

Moonlit Alexandrite by TL Hamilton

A kelpie, a satyr, and a fire salamander watch a succubus walk into a bar… while this sounds like the start of a bad joke, the punchline falls flat, just like my ego when I find out that not one of them is interested in me.

Moonlit Garnet by Rachelle Bonifay

What do you do for fun in a town full of tourists? You start leading tours and get to make people’s dreams come true. If only I could find my way to my own dreams.

Moonlit Jade by Elle Lee

What happens when an introvert becomes the center of attention in the eyes of three hot men? Freak-outs, head injuries, and lots of ice cream.

Moonlit Citrine by Emmy Dee

What do I want most in the world? Chicken nuggets. No, Citrine! That isn’t a normal answer. What I want most is a family.

Moonlit Jasper by Dolly Kalasin

What do an overprotective dragon and Eris, goddess of Chaos have in common? Me.

Moonlit Lazulite by KZ Merlin

With a sip of pumpkin spice latte, now my contractor has gone caveman, my dog is talking to me and I think my plumber wants to ferret his way into my underwear.

Moonlit Agate by Katherine Isaac

Agate is working on her dream renovation – an unkempt patch of land surrounding the town’s beautiful, ancient oak tree. Unfortunately in doing so, she may have accidentally wrecked the town. Maybe.

Twisted Fate by Katherine Isaac

A drunken university social. A permanent magical bond.

Moonlit Danburite by Roseyk Klayborn

I have to find a cure and I’m running out of time. But my wandering heart is chasing its mates – a mischievous dragon, a sexy Jinn, and an adventure-loving druid – and I have to admit I’m a bit distracted.

Moonlit Danburite: Imperfect Proposal by Roseyk Klayborn

Her mates, her lovers, her family—together—is all that matters. But something weird is going on; not just in Moonlit Falls but with her guys. And she has no idea what it is.

Moonlit Diamond by Whimsy Nimsy

Hi, I’m Diamond! I am just your regular, pink-haired, candle maker who may or may not have been an ex-thief.

Moonlit Diamond: Christmas Canoodles by Whimsy Nimsy

It’s time for me to celebrate my first Christmas with my new mates, but things aren’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped.