Jewels Cafe

Amber by Mia Harlan

I’m in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

Amber: Deja Brew by Mia Harlan

Sabotage. Secrets. A brand new spell.

Just when my mates and I finally find our happily ever after, everything goes wrong…

Amber: Goes Yeti by Mia Harlan

I’ve been looking forward to the Jewels Cafe winter bash for months. When the heat goes out right before guests arrive, the party of the year might just be a complete disaster! 

Cover of Sapphire by Eva Delaney. It shows a brown haired woman in a blue gown.

Sapphire by Eva Delaney

A rogue love spell has a grumpy wolf shifter, a billionaire Pegasus shifter, and a loyal-as-hell human claiming I’m their fated mate.

But I only want one thing: blood. And ice cream. Well… cock too. Okay, three things.

Sapphire: I’m Sexy And I Snow It by Eva Delaney

My mates and I are attending a fancy ball hosted by Ford’s parents. We promised we’d behave, but that’s getting harder (hehehe) by the minute.

Sapphire: Two Scoops of Trouble by Eva Delaney

Bob’s been Bob-napped! One second I’m living my happily ever after with my three mates. The next my worst nightmare comes true: One of my men disappears.

Amber and Sapphire Go Turkey by Mia Harlan and Eva Delaney

On Thanksgiving, Amber and Sapphire…oh no! What’s happening? I’m shifting into a…Gobble! Gooobbbbbbllleeeee!

Peridot by M. Sinclair

Live with your three best guy friends, they said! It won’t drive you crazy, they said!


Opal by by Candace Wondrak

When Opal moves to the town of Silver Springs, the last thing she expects is to be greeted by three ridiculously attractive men as her neighbors. Unfortunately, they’re kind of jerks.

Topaz by J.E. Cluney

Not many people looked my way normally, but when you’re running down the street in a sky-blue ball gown with tears running down your face at the crack of dawn, they’re going to notice.

Topaz Goes Downunder by J.E. Cluney

Three mates, one Australian holiday. What could possibly go wrong?

Ruby by Ann Denton

I messed up my Christmas miracle. That’s a big no-no for an angel. My boss shrunk my wings as a consequence. But did he have to make them so small?

Pearl by Tabitha Barret

Even a Love Spell Can’t Get Me the Guy!

Pearl: Wedding Bell Blues by Tabitha Barret

What if a love spell revealed your true love, but it turned out the spell was wrong?

Pearl: Tempted by Darkness by Tabitha Barret

Pearl Celeste Dreger returns to Silver Springs to spend quality time with her guys, but her plans quickly change when she enters the Miss Sunshine Pageant to protect the contestants from a former friend turned enemy.

Emerald by Jade Waltz

They say good things come in threes…. and for those who wait. Emerald used to believe that until her thirty-third birthday, when her life got turned upside down.

Onyx by Melissa Adams

Onyx makes a wish in the Silver Springs magic spring: she wants more love in her life. 

A V-Day Snowman for Onyx by Melissa Adams

What happens to Onyx and her guys Allan, Robyn and Dylan after Christmas?
Go to a wedding in the snow and solve the mystery of the three snowmen.

Moonstone by Lucy Felthouse

Christmas gifts aren’t the only surprises Ginny is going to get this year. When she spots the three gorgeous guys with a broken truck, it’s not just her taste buds that are tingling.

Snowbound: A Moonstone Bonus Story by Lucy Felthouse

Being snowed in with time to kill has revealed potential issues in her relationships that Ginny hadn’t considered before. Is her bright, exciting new future at an end before it’s even begun?

Rose by Jewels Arthur

Rose is a gorgeous, plus-sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!

Rose: A Wicked Vamping Night by Jewels Arthur

All it takes is one night for all of Rose’s worst fears to come rushing back to her.

Rose: Gettin’ Frosty by Jewels Arthur

Rose and her men are back for this short winter themed Rose bonus!

Rose: Feelin’ Thorny by Jewels Arthur

Rose drank the pumpkin spice latte and she got the men. Sounds like a happily ever after for this big beautiful vampire woman, right? Not so fast.

A New Year’s Jewel by Mia Harlan, Eva Delaney and Jewels Arthur

On New Year’s Eve, a witch curses Club Vee and traps everyone inside. Can Amber, Sapphire, Rose, and their harems defeat the witch and save the drunken residents of Silver Springs?

Jacinth by TL Hamilton

Jacinth has been haunting the Silver Springs cemetery since her death. When a weeping stranger insists on loaning her a curious-looking amulet, things get interesting. 

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